Look at your school, work, athlete or internship experiences. Make a list of everything you accomplished. Then identify the skills you have that made those achievements possible. Ask some others to give you feedback on what you come up with.One way to do this is by sitting in on a few of the classes geared towards the majors you might consider. You don’t have to enroll in the courses to feel out your prospective fields of study.The recruitment regulars say that when you’re job hunting, you should not spend too much time online. Some advisors report poor success rates to those who use online jobs forums. The point they make is that you should ask yourself have you ever heard of anyone who has gotten a job through a job board? Ask yourself, what do you like about them? What frustrates you about them? Most will say they are of doubtful use.But, does that mean it is a good time to pack your bags or sit on the beach all summer and just wait for things to improve? I bet you can guess my answer! NO WAY.