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Is Breast Augmentation for You?

At birth, our physical appearance and characteristics are passed on to us by our parents. Also, in many cases after giving birth, one or both of the breasts of some women change, often losing their symmetry. To correct the distortions or to effect desired changes in the general appearance and size of the breasts, you might opt to have a breast augmentation surgery done on you.

The actual surgical procedure

For most patients, a saline breast implant is best, although silicone based implants are available under certain FDA-approved studies.
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The plastic surgeon will make his incision under your breast along the crease or around your areola while you are under general anaesthesia. Then a space will be created under your breast tissue or your chest muscle where the breast implant can be inserted. Then the incisions will be stitched using surgical threads to close the open wounds. In less than two hours, the whole procedure can be completed.
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After the operation

Under close monitoring lasting a few days, excess fluid will be removed through drainage tubes. Usually, patients feel rather tired and sore but they are able to move freely by the second day. The dressings will be changed or completely removed. The sutures should have dissolved but if not, they will be removed manually at a later time. Your nipples might feel like it is being burned, but only for a few days. Swelling could continue for a few more weeks or months in cases where the implant was placed under your muscle.

Recovering after

You may go back to work in just a few days provided you don’t exert yourself, physically. Don’t do any heavy lifting or engage in any activity that will put pressure on your upper body. The surgical scars may remain fresh and pink for more than a month, but while they may not completely disappear, they will fade and be hardly visible in time.

Some possible side-effects

Breast augmentation surgeries are usually very successful and proceed without any untoward incidents occurring. However, as with anything done surgically, some things can go wrong. A condition called capsular contracture where the scar tissue around the breast implant tightens is a common complaint. You might bleed or you could catch an infection. Your nipples could lose their sensitivity, although this happens very infrequently.

There is the possibility of your implants getting punctured and leak. Your body will be able to absorb the leaked saline solution. But when silicone is used, an operation will need to be done to replace the damaged silicone breast implant.

If you are thinking of having a breast augmentation surgery, you should be aware of all that might happen to you. Go ahead with your breast augmentation surgery only if, after weighing all the information, you still want it, badly enough.