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Employee Retention

An organization is a type of social entity comprised of a group of people working together towards a common goal. And organization or firm is nothing but just a name without its most valuable asset, its employees as the employees are what allows the company to achieve its goals and hit target results. A group of employees will not only form an organization, but they are the ones who give the organization a certain competitive advantage.

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Higher tier employees like managers all the way down to the humbler ones such as foremen are what allows companies to have a great competitive advantage over other organizations. They contribute all their skills, speed, efficiency, behavior, capabilities and etc to help an organization execute any strategy required to move forward. An organization won’t be able to achieve anything without its employees, starting from the lowest position to the very top, so it’s a great idea that they are to be retained.

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A company, organization, or firm’s ability to retain or keep its employees is what’s called Employee retention. Employee retention is not as easy as it may sound and will require some strategic moves. This means, companies need good plans and policies in order to keep their employees. But the best way to address a problem is to know it’s roots, that is why the best way for an organization to keep its employees is for them to know the reasons why they want to leave.

Reasons why an employee might want to leave:

Pay -One of the most apparent reasons why somebody would want to leave an organization is their salary. The main reason why somebody would want to work is money. People work jobs to get money and this is why an employee would want to get out of an organization in favor of another one with better pay or if they feel like they are working to much for so little.

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Low Morale : Motivation is the psychological factor that drives and encourages an employee to work hard to achieve desired goals. Employees need motivation to boost morale, be it monetarily or through other means. Morale and an employee’s passion to work is very important. And what better way to provide that than motivation.

Improper management: Managerial skills is what makes employees want to stay. Lack of managerial skills will only cause the number of employees drop down at a constant rate. Managers don’t need to be very stern and strict 24/7, there are situations where politeness is required. Its absolutely necessary for managers to hear the voice of the employees, listen to their problems and help provide a better solution.

The reasons above are just the common reasons as to why employees want to leave I’m sure there are other personal reasons that might drive an employee to leave the organization.

Keeping employees is hard work, but not that replacing an employee is 3 times as expensive as their salary, this means it’s actually better keep them.

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